VMR3G Minehound

Dual-Sensor Detector

The first choice for
military and humanitarian demining

The VMR3G is the perfect partner
for the detection of

  • Landmines
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)
  • Wires
  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Outstanding Dual-Sensor-Technology

Through the combination of metal detector (MD) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) in one innovative dual-sensor-search head, the VMR3G is capable of simultaneously detecting metal and metal-free objects such as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). An advanced software with intelligent algorithm ensures excellent detection precision.

Large and clear:
The graphic display

Two that get along perfectly: the large 3.5 inch display with integrated light sensor for an automatic brightness adjustment and the rugged intuitive user interface.

The continuous real-time display provides all information clearly presented. This way, signals of the metal detector (MD) and of the ground-penetrating radar (GPR) as well as the depth information belonging to the object can be quickly captured.

Range of languages: among English also German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabian, Russian, Bosnian, Hindi, Dutch, Korean, Turkish and Finnish.

By setting the GPR-start/stop point, the detection can be optimized for various soil conditions and search scenarios.

Quality "Made in Germany"

All VALLON products are manufactured according to highest technical standards and are optimized for durability and maximum reliability. Prior to delivery, every single detector runs through an intensive and multi-stage quality and final inspection process. Safety first.

The complete package

With the complete VMR3G package everything is at your hand during operation. The rugged hard case guarantees in addition a safe transport even under extreme conditions.

VALLON – Pioneer
of the dual-sensor technology

The VMR3G meets highest standards in humanitarian and military mine clearance

What began in 2005 with the VMR1 has developed itself into a success story in the field of military mine clearance and has proven extremely valuable.
The dual-sensor search head consists of a metal detector and a ground-penetrating radar. This way it enables the simultaneous detection of metal objects such as conventional land mines and metal-free objects such as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). A key advantage in an era of “asymmetric warfare”.

The large graphic display as well as its extreme ruggedness and durability make the current VMR family a valued companion during worldwide operations in conflict areas.

Technology that saves lifes

Heavily contaminated soil with amunition or improvised explosive devices are part of the challenging everyday life of humanitarian aid organizations. To protect the employees and the local population lifes, organizations trust the VMR3G with its innovative dual-sensor technology.


All detectors are manufactured in Germany

Cross-platform operating concept

Every customer has a permanent and personal contact

2 years warranty on all detectors

All products according to MIL standards

Individually coordinated training programs

You can always rely on the VMR3G
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VMR3G Minehound

Dual Sensor Detector with Graphic Display

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Proven itself thousands of times · innovative dual-sensor search head · Easy operation in various languages · Quality “Made in Germany” · Rugged mechanical design with high quality carbon telescopic pole · Rugged case for storage and safe transport of the detector